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Retargeting, or Remarketing, is an effective and simple online marketing strategy where a brand will serve ads to their known audience. Otherwise known as 1st party data, there are two ways to target folks:

  1. By placing a pixel on your website and reaching those folks as they browse the web.
  2. Uploading a list of emails* and targeting individuals as they browse the web, mobile apps or online video.
Pontiac Intelligence offers a full service Retargeting Solution that provides control and transparency to the buyer. Our platform is simple to use and powerful to drive return on ad spend.  

Pontiac Intelligence has no minimums or monthly spend commitments. Get started today with just a $100 sign up fee!

Contact us to speak with a sales representative who will help you get started! 

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What results can I expect from Remarketing?Why should I use Pontiac Intelligence?

What results can I expect?

Retargeting should provide high quality clicks and "traffic" to your website of folks who visited your page but may not have interacted. Our platform allows you to choose which websites you serve on, how many times a person see's your advertisements every day, and many other controls.

When done correctly, the platform will drive a return of ad spend similar to efforts run on social media or search ad networks. See some of our case studies here.


Why should I use Pontiac?

  • Our platform allows you to use pixels and upload email addresses and run different campaigns.
  • We only require one ad size (300x250) but have tools to help you build out all necessary sizes.
  • Our platform allows you to set spending limits and spend only a dollar ($1) a day and control exactly who see's your ads.
  • The platform allows you to control which sites you see.
  • Our service team and help center can run it managed service and can assist you getting off the ground quickly and easily.

Not fully convinced?

  • Cherrypick which sites your ads run on
  • Target by zip code
  • Transparent pricing on spend and CPMs
  • Pixel creation and control
  • Access to Display, CTV, Video and more

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* Emails collected in a responsible and compliant manner. More in our End User Agreement and Live Ramp Addendum forms.